FAQs Academy Terceira Tech Island


1. Who can apply to the Academy?

All persons older than 18 years, with fiscal address in Azores Archipelago and the ones who have the determination, commitment, dedication and willing to star a new and promising career has OutSystems Developer in the Terceira Island, Azores.


2. Which is the minimal academic degree to apply?

There is no minimal academic degree. Whatever your academic degree you can apply to our academy.


3. Which is the duration, schedule and localization of the academy?

Our academy is full time with a total duration of 12 weeks, from 9AM to 6PM (and with a lot of extra commitment hours). The academy will take place at Terceira Island, Azores.


4. Which subject will I learn in the academy?

You will take the opportunity to grow your competences, your theoretical and practice technical knowledge in the OutSystems technology. Our academy also include several soft skills sessions which will be essential in your future career.


5. How many positions are in the academy?

There are 20 open positions, and until the end of 2019 there will be more 40 positions.


6. Does the academy have costs?

No. The Regional Government of the Azores, using the financial support “Vale Programação”, supports all costs and the academy is completely free to you. You can find the Resolution of the Government Council here at www.sdea.pt.


7. Do I need to have professional experience has developer to start the academy?

No. You only need to have a good logical and mathematical reasoning skills. The knowledge and competencies development as developer will be worked in a progressive way from out trainers, who have several years of experience, and they will be able to provide you the fundamental tools to grow your competencies.


8. Do I need to have any other kind of experience/competence?

It is mandatory English knowledge. All training materials are in English, some training modules will be taught in English, the final OutSystems certification exam will be done in English and more important, the huge part of the projects where you will work after the academy you will need to communicate in English.


9. If I was selected to the academy, do I need to live in Terceira Island, Azores?

Yes. In the case that you live in a different island of Azores, SDEA provides free accommodation to you, however, you will need to ask for it.


10. After finish the academy, do I need to work in a company based on Terceira Tech Island?

Yes. The investment done at your training assumes that you will reward who invested on you, the Regional Government of the Azores. Then, after you finish the academy you will start a new career as OutSystems Developer in Terceira Tech Island.


11. After the academy, if I decide to accept a job offer in a different region than Terceira Island, is it possible?

We strongly believe that, if you accomplish all the academy goals and challenges, finishing it with success, in the end you will receive a job offer from one company based in Terceira Tech Island. ITUp will do everything in order you can finish this process with success, with a total and unconditional support.

In the case you accept a job offer outside Terceira Tech Island, in the 12 months following the academy, you will need to refund the Regional Government of the Azores with the equivalent value of the financial support of the “Vale Programação” (5.000€). In the remote case you do not receive a job offer from a company based in Terceira Tech Island, in the 12 months following the academy, you are free to accept any job offer, independent of the region, without any refund.


12. If I get a job offer from a company based in Terceira Tech Island after finish the academy, do I need to accept it?

Yes. In the case you have job offers from a company based in Terceira Tech Island, and during 3 months after the academy, you do not accept any offer, you will need to refund the Regional Government of the Azores with the double of the value equivalent of the financial support of the “Vale Programação” (10.000€).


13. If I would like to quit the academy during its execution, is it possible?

Yes, you can quit at any time. However, in this case, you will need to refund the Regional Government of the Azores with the equivalent value of the financial support of the “Vale Programação” (5.000€), except if you prove a critical event.


14. Do you assure a job in the end of the academy?

The answer to this question doesn’t depend exclusive by us. For sure we offer you an excellent training with experienced professional trainers, with the unconditional support from our side to find a job in the area to you, where the unemployment rate is almost zero. There are one thing we can assure you: more than 98% of our alumni are working has OutSystems Developers.


15. What do I need to apply to the academy?

Just visit ITUp site at https://academy.itup.pt and submit your application.


16. How can I clarify any question during and after the application process?

You just need to send us an email to talent@itup.pt and all your questions will be clarified as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, we invite you to follow all our news in the LinkedIn page, the Facebook page and the Instagram profile, in order to keep you updated about all our news and activities.


Selection process

1. Apply

Submit CV at academy.itup.pt

2. Tutorial

Follow an OutSystems tutorial

3. Exercise

Submit a small exercise based on the tutorial

4. Final Phase

Individual interview
English validation
Group dinamics
Individual assessment

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