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200 Dream Jobs
95% Employment Rate

ITUp became the #1 OutSystems Global Training Partner and we have trained more than 3000 people worldwide.
During this journey, we also created more than 200 (dream) jobs for people like you, with a 95% success employment rate.

Yes, we’re talking about OutSystems, the world’s leading Low Code Platform and a Portuguese Unicorn company!

Why is OutSystems training ideal for you?

You can take advantage of a clear lack of OutSystems developers in the global market.
You will be trained by ITUp a world-class leader in creating highly qualified OutSystems professionals and finding them a (dream) job around the world.
You will have the opportunity to take a huge leap forward in your career working in the awesome market of low-code development using technology built in Portugal by one of our own unicorn companies - OutSystems!
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We completely believe in the success of our programs that we offer and upon the successful completion of your training, we will offer you a job or help you find one.

95% of our alumni who finish the academy are working with OutSystems.


«Low-code is emerging from its infancy, with around 34% of organizations already using one low-code platform or another, plus another 9% of organizations saying they expect to start using low-code soon.» (According to OutSystems research).

«Forrester predicts low-code adoption will grow at a rate of 50 to 55 per cent each year between now and 2022. »


Automation and Coding will never be the same!

And you? Are you ready to Ramp Up your life?

Working together favours the fast learning

Collaborative training favors fast learning

Our class environment fosters team work to help you learn all the concepts while you develop applications in a faster way.
Finding your dream job

Finding your dream job and being interviewed doesn't have to be the bogeyman.

Our academy will help to find a job in some of the best World companies and will provide you with the tools to nail your interviews.
Hard and soft skils

Hard and soft skills

ITUp Academy has carefully planned programs, building up your skills one level of mastery at a time with the mentorship of knowledgeable trainers. We also provide comprehensive training in soft skills training modules which will make a difference in your career and your personal life.
Full immersion, no distractions

Full immersion, no distraction

You will be immersed in a full learning environment packed with relevant content and push all other distractions off your schedule. You will focus, achieve more in a fraction of the time and demonstrate competency in new technologies at a rate you wouldn't think possible!

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